Gobernación Departamental

Baja Verapaz 79400060
5ª. Calle 7-71 Zona 1, Salama, B.V.

FAX 7940-1720 / 7940-0153 / 7940-1721
Restaurant Las Tejas; its specialty is turkey soup, or
chunto; recommended.  Also, Comedor Apolo XI, next to
the Telephone Company, and El Ganadero, a kind of a steak
house,good, located a few yards from the Central Park.
There are several bus companies departing from
Guatemala City every hour, such as Transporte Dulce Maria
at 9a ave 19-20 Zone 1,  recommended. Click here for bus
transportation schedules around the country.
ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotel from $15 Double room:
Hospedaje los Ranchos, wooden huts, located a couple of
yards from the reserve. If the hotel is full, your other choice
is to go to the village of Purulhá, which is 1 mile away. The
Farmacia has basic rooms for rent.

Hotel from $30 to $40 Double room: Two miles from the
reserve there is a fancier hotel called Posada Montaña del
Quetzal.  It has a restaurant, a bar, and very comfortable
rooms with fireplaces; recommended.
The Biotopo Mario Dary Rivera Nature reserve, known locally
simply as the Biotopo del Quetzal, is a sanctuary for
Guatemala´s national bird, the Quetzal. If you are lucky, you
may see one - especially from February through September.  
In addition to the possibility of seeing a Quetzal, the
preserve has well-maintained trails that wind through this
beautiful, lush cloud forest where you may be able to spot
many other birds, as well as monkeys.

The National bird of Guatemala, El Quetzal.(courtesy of

Getting here:  The Biotopo del Quetzal is just east of the
village of Purulhà.  Traveling along the main highway, you will
see the Biotopo about 34 kilometers beyond the turnoff for
Salamà.  HOURS: The Nature reserve is open from 6 am to 4
pm. There is a picnic area, restrooms and a campsite. For
more information contact CECON, a conservation
organization in Guatemala City at Reforma Ave 0-63, Zone 10.

8 Municipios
1. Salamá
2. Granados
3. Rabinal
4. San Jerónimo
5. El Chol
6. Purulhá
7. Cubulco
8. San Miguel Chicaj